Reason why are Twitter Trends not updating

Have your wondered why sometimes Twitter Trends don't update on your app?

There are times when Twitter Trends seem to be stuck, not updating at all for hours and hours. Though it is a rare occurance, it does happen sometimes.

The reason for that is a technical glitch that happens randomly. Twitter runs an intelligent algorithm that reads thousands of realtime tweets to figure out the trends that are emergring. Twitter also has other systems involved which help in transmitting these trends through their APIs and website.

When your trends are not updating, it is one of these systems which have an issue. The systems running the algorithms don't seem to fail. Most of the times, it the system that is responsible for transmitting the trend data that fails.

One of the most frequent issues is the cache problem, where some systems cache old trend data, therefore we don't see the latest updated trends. Manual intervention is generally needed in such case, to invalidate the cache.

Are the trends not updating? Then you should tweet it to @twitter so that they can fix it.